Let Us Navigate You Through The Commercial Reals Estate Government Regulations & Agencies

Commercial real estate transactions are growing increasingly more complicated as municipal regulations, lender requirements and land use laws changed to meet the new political restrictions placed on commercial development and zoning. As a result, the parties to a commercial real estate transaction need experienced representation to navigate the potential pitfalls of each transaction.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney Gwynn and Edwards

Gwynn & Edwards, PA’s real estate attorneys are experienced in many aspects of commercial real estate. Our team provides a full range of services from acting as local lender and privately financed loan counsel to representation of investors and developers from all over the State of North Carolina. Gwynn & Edwards’ attorneys regularly assist clients with negotiating contracts, drafting and preparing all documentation for closings including loan packages, negotiating lease terms and agreements, closing complex 1031 exchange transactions, creating and structuring limited liability companies and corporations for the use of purchasing, and refinancing or selling land. We are skilled at communicating with local government agencies regarding area zoning and easements.

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