Estate planning is a process that evolves & requires understanding of your personal and family goals during life & after death.

Every estate plan is guided by the events of life, family, financial and tax changes – from those first considering estate planning, to those who have changes to make to an existing plan due to life changes such as loss or divorce. We take the time to carefully analyze the big picture with you, posing critical questions and offering expert guidance in order to thoroughly resolve important issues about your estate.  We are pleased to work alongside your other trusted advisors to ensure that your estate plan takes into account your other financial considerations.  After many years of experience, we believe that everything we create in the practice is built upon what we have learned from our work with previous clients and our continuing education.  The individualized documents we create for you, while critically important, are only a part of the entire service we provide.  Proper estate planning is crucial and mistakes can cost you, and your heirs, thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  The real value of an attorney is to listen to your circumstances and goals, and lead you to the best course of action.

We pride ourselves on providing individualized, superior, estate planning techniques and strategies.  After you have executed your documents, we don’t usher you out the door but rather consider you clients for life.  We have earned our reputation in excellence because we are available for you today and will be in the future.  We try hard to stay in regular contact with you, reviewing your family’s needs whenever a law changes or a new planning strategy affects you.  We welcome your calls and questions and changes to documents can be relatively simple depending on individual situations.

Gwynn & Edwards, PA is available to advise you of the typical process, explain any special requirements and help you draft a set of documents that carries out your wishes. Call us today at (919) 871-0022 or fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation.