We Strive to Guide You Through Litigation Quickly & Efficiently

Unfortunately, most of us at some point in our life are involved in a dispute with another person or company over a business transaction, a real estate matter, an allegation of negligence or some other unplanned event that disrupts our lives. Gwynn & Edwards, P.A. law firm’s experienced attorneys can assist you during litigation, to quickly and efficiently resolve the matter and get you back on your way.

While no one wants to be involved in a dispute that may require representation by an attorney, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney when such an event occurs. Contact us now to discuss how your trusted law firm can help you through your litigation.

Our attorneys can help guide you through the various methods of resolving the dispute including mutual settlement, arbitration, mediation or litigation.  In our representation we will constantly keep you advised as to expenses and factors impacting the likelihood of a favorable outcome.  We recognize the impact that potential litigation can have upon a client, not only financially, but also the daily emotional strain.  Our objective in any dispute is always to obtain a favorable outcome for our client in an expedient and cost efficient manner.

In certain cases we may feel that we need to associate other attorneys or refer you to another attorney who specializes in your particular area of need.  We will be glad to discuss your particular situation and offer to you various alternatives to assist in resolving your dispute.

If you have a litigation matter that you would like to discuss with one of our attorneys please feel free contact us today at (919) 871-0022 or fill out our online contact form to speak with an attorney.

Traffic Citations Can Carry Unexpected Consequences.

Let Gwynn & Edwards, P.A. law firm be by your side every step of the way. You can trust that our experienced, professional and ethical attorneys will always put your interest first. 

The sound of a siren and the sight of flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror are never a pleasant experience.  Often a momentary lapse of judgment or a desire to be at a location on time causes us to violate traffic laws.

Traffic citations can have serious consequences. Almost every driver on North Carolina’s roadways will receive some type of traffic citation at some point in his or her life.  Even extremely safe and cautious drivers may find themselves with a traffic ticket at some point.  If you have received a traffic ticket in Wake County, it is important to contact an experienced North Carolina attorney to fight for you.

Many people prefer to pay a fine for their citation rather than to fight it.  Not fighting a traffic ticket can be a mistake.  Most traffic violations are classified as misdemeanors.   Some traffic violations may however come with mandatory jail time, fines, and/or a driver’s license suspension.

In addition to criminal penalties, many traffic tickets can cause points to be assessed to your driver’s license by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  Having too many points on your driver’s license can lead to its suspension.  Also, points on a driver’s license can cause your vehicle insurance rates to rise substantially.  This may mean that over time the ticket that you paid a small fine for could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.

If you have received a traffic citation in Wake County and would like to be represented by an experienced attorney please feel free to contact us at (919) 871-0022 .