Covid-19 Action Plan

Please be sure to read this policy in its entirety, as it contains important information regarding some updates on how we handle our closings. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the situation with COVID-19, which is constantly changing. Your safety and health are important to us!

When you arrive at our office – DO NOT COME INSIDE. Please call our main phone number and our receptionist will either handle your request, give you instructions in connection with your closing, or direct your call to the appropriate person.

Due to the continued threat of the Coronavirus; and in accordance with Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 147 (Face Mask Required In Public); and in an attempt to insure the safety of and limit exposure of the virus to our clients, real estate agents, lenders and our employees; we are requiring that anyone who visits our offices wear a face mask for the full duration of the visit.  Individuals who refuse to wear face masks will have the option to sign all documents outside our offices in their vehicles or other on-site area which allows for proper social distancing.  Rest assured that our team will also being wearing a mask for your protection.

We also continue to strongly recommend only those individuals who are required to sign documents to attend the closing.  We ask that you consider the safety of everyone involved in determining if your presence is necessary at the closing.  We also allow real estate agents and lenders to dial in to any closing to participate and offer comments.  If we all do our part we can help reduce the threat of Coronavirus as soon as possible and return our State and Country to a new normal.

There will be hand sanitizer in the first floor lobby, as well as CLEAN/NEW pens for you to pick up prior to your closing. If you choose to sign your paperwork in one of our first floor closing rooms, please be assured that these rooms get cleaned after each closing. You also have the option to sign all of your documents in your car.

IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH, we encourage you to sign your documents remotely, if possible, and email signed copies back to the paralegal handling your closing.